Homeless Recovery

 Homeless Services and Prevention are provided by North Central WV Community Action’s two homeless services shelters: Scott Place Homeless Shelter in Fairmont, and the Randolph County Homeless Shelter in Elkins. Both facilities are committed to providing a safe, sanitary, and cost-effective means of sheltering individuals and families who have little or no means of support.


North Central regards the emergency sheltering of homeless individuals and families as part of an overall framework to prepare the homeless for self-sufficiency. A shelter is not an obstacle to housing, but rather a critical component in an effort to usher the homeless into stable, permanent housing.

Gradual Process

Homeless Recovery is a gradual process in which individuals or families who were previously homeless can understand the reasons they became homeless, work toward improving upon the life conditions that led to their homelessness, develop a support system, find employment, find and maintain permanent housing, and see an overall positive change in their lives.

Case Management Services

Individuals and families at both shelters receive one-on-one case management services beginning with a needs assessment. Social service requirements and related obstacles to housing are processed in a comprehensive effort designed to assist participants in combating their homelessness. Upon admittance, guests are required to create a mutually agreed upon case plan that includes several health, training, education, employment and money management strategies.

Progressive Programs

North Central is also working to develop new and progressive programs in order to develop a true continuum of care in addressing the needs of the homeless including homeless prevention, permanent supportive housing, low-income rental housing and case management to formally homeless individuals and families. Supportive, and case management programs are provided to homeless veterans.


Scott Place Homeless Shelter
Photo of Scott Place Homeless Shelter
Scott Place Homeless Shelter
215 Scott Place Marion Fairmont WV 26554 US Work Phone: 304-366-6543 Work Fax: 304-333-2419

Scott Place Homeless Shelter Location

Randolph County Homeless Shelter
Photo of Randolph County Homeless Shelter
Randolph County Homeless Shelter
938 S Davis Avenue Randolph Elkins WV 26241 US Work Phone: 304-636-5193 Work Fax: 304-637-4718

Randolph County Homeless Shelter Location


Lee Clark
Shelter Manager
Phone (304) 366-6543
Fax (304) 363-6103
Cindy Jividen
Randolph County Homeless Shelter/Case Manager
Phone (304) 636-5193
Fax (304) 637-4718