Position title
WX HVAC Technician

WX HVAC Technician will safely install, repair, and/or replace HVAC systems on behalf of the Weatherization Program. All HVAC work will follow all required work mandates, regulations, guidelines, and safety procedures established by applicable local, state, and federal agencies. Attend all required training and certification meetings.


High School Diploma/GED/ Must have WV Division of labor HVAC License class 1,2, or 3, Valid driver’s license. Must be able to achieve certification from the state for HVAC Systems Retrofit and Repair.  Ability to read and write legibly, have basic verbal and written communication skills, and basic construction knowledge. Gain knowledge of operating instructions for all equipment and tools used through provided training. Provide proper care and maintenance of tools, equipment, and vehicles. Perform all Weatherization procedures and install Weatherization materials properly. Complete all relevant forms and paperwork completely and accurately. Follow and enforce mandated safety policies and procedures.

Job Requirements

Work hours as assigned by the Weatherization Coordinator; safe driving record; Criminal Background Check; Protective Services Record Check. Must be able to organize, communicate, work safely and efficiently under pressure. Attend all meetings/trainings to keep current on all federal/state/local codes, regulations, policies, and procedures. Basic computer skills.

Physical Demands

Must be able to bend and crawl on knees or back at times. Can extend body to reach hard to get areas. Must stand, walk, sit, use hands, drive a vehicle, talk, hear, occasionally lift, and carry up to 50 pounds, climb 2 story ladders, and crawl under areas at least 18 inches high.


Duty Station: Barbour County
Brian Hollen, Weatherization Coordinator
NCWVCAA Weatherization Assistance Program
PO Box 279
Philippi, WV 26416
Phone: (304) 457-3420

Employment Type
Duration of employment
Full Year/Full Time
Job Location
PO Box 279, Philippi, WV, 26416, US
Base Salary
$17.00-$19.80 Per hour
September 20, 2023